The Story Behind the Name

Yep... that's me! It was the Commander's 15th Birthday dinner celebration and my family was convinced that I had gotten myself drunk from two sips of champagne. But I knew better, even at the age of seven. My mom broke out the champagne to celebrate and decided it would be okay to let me have a tiny taste. (tiny is a very relative term in my family- look at the amount in my glass! And that was after I had already had two sips!) I had my taste and I raised up my glass and exclaimed, "STUPENDOUS!" There was no better word for me to describe such a fabulous effervescent flavor explosion at the time: Stupendous! I've never lived that word down since that fateful night. The table broke into laughter and my mother asked, "Where did you get such a big word?" I don't know where I got that word. I had several words in mind, but that one just seemed perfect. I had no idea then that my love for all things food and for words could combine to become this blog... and what better name for my food blog than the word that I used to critique my first taste of non-vintage Veuve Clicquot? Salud!!!