Friday, January 7, 2011

Cashew Butter- a little piece of heaven!

So here is a perfect example of something that I must have a little bit of...
Please forgive the out-of-focus picture.
About two years ago Chef introduced me to Cashew Butter. If you have not tried cashew butter yet, you absolutely MUST! I remember thinking, "yeah, whatever. How good can this actually be?" I took a tiny bit off of the spoonful that Chef had given me and I think I saw the little firework bursts that Remy sees in "Ratatouille." (Love that movie!) I've never had anything like cashew butter, and I'm not a peanut butter fanatic. I mean, I like it, but not enough to put it on my chocolate. Well, let me just tell you that when I've had a stressful day I immediately go for the (very) dark chocolate and cashew butter... and then the wine! Seriously, just one spoonful of this stuff will put you in a much better mood... who knew? Cashew Butter! I've never seen it anywhere, but the Brooklyn Larder (another shameless plug for Chef) grinds it fresh from real cashews and jars it right there. I can only describe the taste as a buttery, nutty, fresh delight!
Merge sent us a "his" and "hers" (although I've yet to label them) of Cashew Butter this year for Christmas that we will be working through! They know us so well... now there is no fighting over who finished off the jar of Cashew Butter. And to top it all off, they also included some amazingly indulgent 75% dark "Colombie" Francois Pralus french chocoloate! Oh my... is it time for another mommy time-out yet? Thank you, thank you, thank you, Merge! Peace and Love!


  1. Hi, Carolina~
    Yummy! this sounds delicious. Your blog is looking really good. You do a really nice job with it!
    talk soon, Rachel
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